8 Mar 14 – West Bromwich Albion (A) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 8th March 2014 - West Bromwich Albion (EPL, A)

David Moyes, 8th March 2014 – West Bromwich Albion (EPL, A)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – West Bromwich Albion (Away) at The Hawthorns

DATE & TIME – 8th March 2014, 12:45 GMT (18:15 IST)

RESULT – Man Utd 3 – 0 West Bromwich Albion (Jones 34′, Rooney 65′, Welbeck 82′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, you’re obviously delighted with that.

Moyes: Really pleased, I thought we played well today. I thought we looked much more potent going forward, I thought we looked more liable to score today than we had in other games. And you know, I made a point about us trying to get more attacks and better play going forward, and that’s what we did.

Q. Always good to see centre-backs getting among the goals as well, fine header by Phil Jones.

Moyes: It was a really good header; actually it was Rafa who’d done good work down the right and got the free kick for the goal, and Robin’s delivery was excellent and thankfully, Phil got across in front of his defender and scored.

Q. You said in your press conference yesterday that you might give your younger centre-backs more of a chance between now and the end of the season, how did you think Phil Jones and Chris Smalling got on today?

Moyes: I thought they played really well, both of them. I thought Chris Smalling was excellent. By all accounts, I think he was excellent for England, I didn’t see the game in midweek; he played really well. And Phil Jones is a very good player. But he’s been out for a month, Phil. So we needed to try and get him some minutes, we’ve got some big games coming up in the next month and I wanted to make sure that he was ready to play. I thought the two of them did a great job today.

Q. In the second half, the West Brom fans certainly thought Robin might have been sent off for the challenge. Ultimately, is that why you took him off, because he was on a yellow card?

Moyes: He was, and the foul was a.. the tackle, I should say, for his second one was a foul, I thought, but it wasn’t a yellow card. But I was always taking him off anyway, he played 90 minutes in midweek for Holland. I’d actually told him in the hotel that we would try and get him off at the right times in the game. It made my decision easy actually, because I couldn’t afford another challenge that which maybe gave the referee a decision to make.

Q. Wayne’s second goal was after some lovely build-up play. Are we seeing with that interplay with Mata and Rooney and Januzaj, are we seeing the more they play together, the more they get the understanding?

Moyes: I think so, I think they’re playing well together. And I think, I’ve got to mention Rafa as well, I thought Rafa picked out a great cross today for Wayne’s goal. He was involved in the build-up for the first one as well, he probably should have scored one, maybe two around the back in the first half. So, I do think that there were some really good performances, and much better performances than what I’ve seen for a while.

Q. And lovely finishing from Danny as well, sometimes his finishing has been criticized but that was a lovely centre-forward’s finish.

Moyes: Well, Wayne played him in with a great pass one before, just it was a bit narrow, the angle. And the pitch was really lively today, especially in the second half, it was dried out and it made it difficult to pass it quite as well. But when he got played in down the side, he opened up and he finished terrifically well. And, I’m pleased because Danny’s just beginning to look a bit sharper and get back ready, and we’re gonna need him.

Q. You praised Rafa, but suddenly he went off. Has he got an ankle injury?

Moyes: I think it was a kick in his ankle, I just got told that he’d taken a kick in a tackle, and I just felt that with ten minutes to go, he was limping; I didn’t want to risk it anymore.


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