25 Mar 14 – Manchester City (H) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 25th March 2014 – Man City (EPL, H)

David Moyes, 25th March 2014 – Man City (EPL, H)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – Manchester City (Home) at Old Trafford

DATE & TIME – 25th March 2014, 19:45 GMT (26th March 2014, 01:15 IST)

RESULT – Man Utd 0 – 3 Man City (Dzeko 1′, Dzeko 56′, Toure 90′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, how would you sum that up overall tonight?

Moyes: Really disappointed, the way the game went. We never gave ourselves a real start in the game at all, they started very fast, we didn’t. There was a goal after 30 or 40 seconds, and because of that, we were on the back foot right away. I thought we got to grips maybe after 15 minutes, but I think the start we got just put us on the wrong foot. But, we did better in the first half and maybe a little bit unfortunate not to get a goal right before half-time.

Q. I suppose its a real jolt to the system after 45 seconds, you’re game plan’s affected straight away almost.

Moyes: Well, it was because we found ourselves needing to stay in the game, find a way of not getting ourselves going further behind. So, we had to try and do that before we’re able to find our own feet and go forward ourselves. But, it really just never gave us a start in the game.

Q. Were you encouraged when you got to half-time, David? In the last 15-20 minutes of that first half, you’d looked as though you’d improved significantly.

Moyes: I thought we had, I thought we looked as if we could score. We were actually a little bit careless a couple of times going forward, as if we didn’t pick the right cross or the pass out. So, that was the disappointing thing for me. But, I did get encouragement and that’s what the message was at half-time – look, we’re right in this game, make sure we do things right in the second-half, and let’s get a goal back as the half wears on.

Q. So, you would have been disappointed in the manner of conceding that second goal, again, early in the second half.

Moyes: Yeah. I thought we brought it on ourselves, we never played well enough from the back to get the ball out, and then we conceded a  corner and the marking let us down. We conceded a goal from a corner kick when really, we should have been defending tighter and making sure we didn’t concede.

Q. You built a lot of momentum in the last week with those two wins, is it frustrating that the momentum went away tonight?

Moyes: Yeah, but we always knew that these games were hard, what we’ve got. I’ve been sort of hinting at it, and saying that these are tough games and we are trying to build momentum. I said March was a real difficult month, we’re playing a lot of good sides. we’ve got a lot of work to do to get the things the way we want them and while we’re playing a lot of the big sides, it could be difficult and tonight was another difficult night.

Q. Would you feel for the supporters who stayed with United again, specially those that work with City fans?

Moyes: Yeah, I’ve been saying it every week, but thanks, thanks everybody – it was great tonight, the support for the team throughout the game. But I really genuinely feel that most people understand that this is something which is going to take a lot of time to alter, it can’t be something that we’re gonna do from one Saturday to the other, it’s not going to change dramatically, even in the short time from now to the end of the season.


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