Post-Match Reaction

5 Apr 14 – Newcastle United (A) Post-Match Reaction

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – Newcastle United (Away) at St. James’ Park (Sports Direct Arena)

DATE & TIME – 5th April 2014, 14:00 GMT (19:30 IST)

RESULT – Newcastle United 0 – 4 Manchester United (Mata 39′, Mata 50′, Hernandez 64′, Januzaj 92′)

David Moyes, 5th April 2014 - Newcastle United (EPL, A)

David Moyes, 5th April 2014 – Newcastle United (EPL, A)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, eight changes and a 4-0 away win. Could you have asked much more?

Moyes: No, I thought we played very well today. I thought some of the performances individually were fantastic and I thought, as a team, we played very well. We needed a good performance, we didn’t start the game as well as I’d like in the opening 20 minutes – I thought our passing was a bit sloppy and not as accurate as we like. But once we got into the rhythm, I thought we played really well.

Q. It was a strangely low-key atmosphere to start with. I didn’t really expect that here. Did you have to, almost, get yourself going there a bit as the game went on?

Moyes: Well, Newcastle are having a few poor results themselves and the crowd are finding it difficult. But, what you could hear was our support – they’re way up in the Gods, that’s where they are in Newcastle, and thankfully, we were able to give them another good away performance.

Q. Obviously a good team performance, but picking out individuals – Mata, is one you obviously have to pick out.

Moyes: Juan played really well. I think Juan has been doing very well for us, I really do. I think he’s made the team better, he can assist in goals, he can score goals. But in the first four or five games, we didn’t see him scoring any. But now you’re beginning to feel he’s got those goals in him. And even his back heel for the Adnan today for the fourth goal was a bit of magic – it really was, it was great. I thought when Shinji, and Juan Mata and Adnan were on the field, I thought there were some terrific, sort of technically gifted football.

Q. And his goals, I mean the free kick was great. The sort of drag back for his second goal was a great bit of skill.

Moyes: It was great. I mean, his composure for the second goal when he got played in by Chicha. And, the free kick – if you practice, and everyday, him and Wayne practice. They practice their free kicks, they try to get it right. Its a simple thing, but it is right – practice makes perfect, and it was a perfect free kick today.

Q. And Chicharito got another goal, after he got one last week. And good to see Adnan getting another.

Moyes: Good goal, and Chicha got through and hit the post just before half-time, it would have been an important goal to make it 2-0. But it was a great bit of movement, and it was a great bit of play to get in again, and the cut-back, and Chicha’s movement in the box. So, everybody knows that’s what Chicha can do – he’s got that ability to get you a goal.

Q. Ten away wins now, that’s pretty special, isn’t it?

Moyes: (Bemusedly) Yeah, I’m thrilled by our away performances. We just need to try and as I’ve said many times, can we try and show that more at Old Trafford? But, the hardest thing in football is probably to win away from home. Maybe the expectations at Old Trafford is really high for us, but I really do think that we are capable of it. Some of the football we played today was fabulous.

Q. Have you lost Ashley Young for the week? He went to the hospital.

Moyes: Yeah, he’s got torn ligaments in his hand – it looks a bad injury. I don’t know exactly how long it will keep him out just now – but the way the medical team have talked to me, it doesn’t seem a great injury.

Juan Mata, 5th April 2014 - Newcastle United (EPL, A)

Juan Mata, 5th April 2014 – Newcastle United (EPL, A)

Post-Match Reaction of Juan Mata

Q. Juan, a 4-0 away win, I suppose you couldn’t really have asked much more than that today.

Mata: No, I don’t think so. I think we did a great performance, scoring four goals, winning with good football – specially in the second half. Its a happy day for us – let’s try to carry on on Wednesday.

Q. The understanding that you seem to have with Shinji, Chicharito, with Januzaj when he came on – that was something pretty special, that forward play.

Mata: Yeah, I think we did really well. For me, it is a pleasure to play with players like them. Like Chicha, Shinji, Adnan – they’re quality players, so its easy to play alongside them. I think today we enjoyed out on the pitch, and we created chances to score. I’m very happy for Chicha as well, he deserved that goal. And for Adnan, coming off the bench.

Q. The goals, the first one was a free kick, is that something you practice often?

Mata: I do, I do. I do normally twice a week. After the training, I just like try to prove how good I can be in free kicks, and I try to improve and score as much as I can in the trainings, and today, I was lucky to score.

Q. You ran to David as well, do you try and beat him in training from free kicks?

Mata: (Laughing) He doesn’t stay when I shoot free kicks, he doesn’t like it. Yeah, he was very happy for me and he told me before the game, “you’re gonna score” and that’s why I ran to him.

Q. You’re second goal, that little sort of drag-back – which was your better goal – the second one or the first one?

Mata: I don’t know, they were very very different. Maybe the first one was very important because it gave us 1-0, but the second one was very special as well because we had more distance in the result. I just tried to cut, and after, score with my right foot and I could do it.

Q. Ten away wins now. When you look at that, do you think what might have been this season?

Mata: I think when we look at that, we feel that we should have done better at home, in Old Trafford. But, I think its something to be proud of – to be the best team away in the league. So lets try to win, now, at home – try to win as many games as we can till the end of the season, and try to go higher in the table.

Q. Finally, obviously a shame you can’t play this week but good preparation, I guess, for Wednesday, in terms of the confidence.

Mata: Of course. Now we are looking forward to play that game. I’m cup tied, I can’t play but I’ll be supporting from home and I’m sure that this result gives us even more confidence to go there, fight till the last minute and try to get through.

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, 5th April 2014 - Newcastle United (EPL, A)

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, 5th April 2014 – Newcastle United (EPL, A)

Post-Match Reaction of Javier Hernandez

Q. Chicha, the lads must be delighted with that, 4-0 away from home.

Chicha: Yeah, of course. We have a very good chance, the players that haven’t been involved the whole season to prove that we want to play, we want to be there – that we’re ready. Its difficult when we’re not playing too much and then give a performance like this one. The whole squad – you see players like Shinji, like me, like Juan – he’s not playing Champions League – but Antonio playing right-back, Nani comes in, and Adnan as well, so, it was a good performance for us and a good result.

Q. Well, eight changes today, so does that show the players are desperate to play on Wednesday? Everyone wants to play that one, do they?

Chicha: Yeah, of course, we are all ready and we want to offer up difficult decisions now because all of us want to play that game, and we proved that today.

Q. Juan Mata, obviously can’t play in that game, but what would you say about his performance today?

Chicha: Ah, he’s unbelievable. You can see that he’s going to be a very important player to this club. He’s showing an interest to us, because he needs to get used to the play we play, the way the manager wants us to play. I think in the past games, he did alright but the goal he scored against the last team – I think he got a lot confidence and you can see what he’s capable of – to assist, to score free kicks, to score goals – so he’s a very important, clever player.

Q. He seems to have fitted in really well – he seems to be a popular player already.

Chicha: Yeah. And as well – he’s playing in the best position for him now, that is behind the striker. I think that is where he feels more happy to play, to give everything and to help the team. Yeah, of course, he’s a very important player for us and like him, and like all of us – we want to play more and to be ready.

Q. Well, you got another goal today. You got one last week, how do you think you’re playing?

Chicha: Yeah, good thankfully. Its been a very hard season for me but I’m trying to be very patient and to work and to try and speak on the pitch. Yeah, right now, thankfully, I have 11 starts and I have 9 goals at the moment – so, I’m gonna keep working and I’m gonna keep patient and speak on the pitch, like I always do.

Q. When you scored at Old Trafford, you didn’t look that happy. You looked happier today, how do you feel you’re getting on?

Chicha: No, of course, I’m happy. I play 90 minutes – it was a long time since I’d started a game. Like I told you, I have only 11 starts this season. So, its been a very difficult season for me – the World Cup is coming. So I need to prove – if they give me 1 minute or 90 – I want to prove that I am ready, that I want to contribute to the team to help the team to better its position at the moment.

Q. Ten away wins now. That’s the best in the league. You look at that and you think, we should be right up there.

Chicha: Yeah, I know, I know. We need to do that, to prove that in Old Trafford – in our home, with our fans. We need to try to be like here. And I think we’re getting there. Like I told you, the whole team is ready, is trying to prove that they’re ready to play in the most important games and games like this one as well.

Q. Finally, are you hopeful for Wednesday that we can get through against Bayern Munich?

Chicha: Yeah, of course. That’s the feeling of everybody. Like I told you, the performance of today showed that we’re going to make the difficult choices for the manager for the next game.


1 Apr 14 – Bayern Munich (H) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 1st April 2014 - Bayern Munich (UCL, H)

David Moyes, 1st April 2014 – Bayern Munich (UCL, H)

TOURNAMENT – Champions League

MATCH – Bayern Munich (Home) at Old Trafford

DATE & TIME – 1st April 2014, 19:45 GMT (2nd April 2014, 01:15 IST)

RESULT – Man Utd 1 – 1 Bayern Munich (Vidic 58′, Schweinsteiger 67′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, it was a terrific night of European football. What was your emotion at the end of it?

Moyes: Well, disappointed that we didn’t pick up all three… (laughs) points! No, pick up a victory. I thought we deserved it with our performance. But, really pleased with how the players had played. We had to defend well, but we made opportunities and it was a good night just but for giving the goal late on.

Q. In terms of work rate and resolve, I suppose you couldn’t have asked a lot more from your side, could you?

Moyes: No, I thought they were excellent – I mean from the start to the finish, we were very good. We knew it was going to be hard because they were going to have possession – they’re a really good side. But, we kept our discipline, kept in the right places, tried to do the right things, so often as we could, and we knew we would get opportunities to score, the way they played, and I thought that we could maybe cause them some problems and we did. But unfortunately, we got one or two chances and we didn’t quite finish them off.

Q. Particularly in that first half, Danny had one disallowed actually – possibly harshly and also had a great chance as well in the first half.

Moyes: Yeah, I agree. I’ve not seen the one yet where he gets disallowed but they’re saying its for a high boot. I need to say it again before I can comment correctly on it. But the other one, he got through and I was thinking, ‘Go on Danny, finish it off’. But he stood big, Neuer, and I was nearly hoping, ‘Go on, put it through his legs, Danny’. It looked as if he was standing that tall, it was only going to go through his legs. But, we didn’t get it and it was a great chance for us at that time.

Q. You got the breakthrough. Was it disappointing that they equalized quite soon after?

Moyes: It was, because I felt that maybe there was another goal in it for us. We had to keep defending the way we did, and hope that they would go chasing a goal and we could maybe get the second goal. So I was disappointed we lost the goal, but in the main, we defended well for most of the game.

Q. They lost Schweinsteiger to a red card late on. I think they were disappointed with that. He’s gonna miss the second leg, Martinez’s gonna miss the second leg as well, are they important players?

Moyes: They’re all important players for them, because it limits the coach’s choices – what he can do. We’ll have to try and take advantage of it. We’re going to need to go there and play as well as we did tonight, and more – because we have to go there and win the game, or at least get a goal to put us through. So, we’ve got a lot to do, but I’m confident we can go and do that.

Q. Well finally, looking at that second leg, you’re very much still alive in this tie, aren’t you? What would be your tactics going into that? How will you approach that one?

Moyes: We need to be mindful of what we’ve got. We do need to score – we need to think about making sure we’re in the game but I think, if they score anyway, we still need to score. So, it doesn’t change an awful lot in the initial part of the game, so we’ll look into it this week, we’ll see exactly what we think we need to do and prepare ourselves for the game.

29 Mar 14 – Aston Villa (H) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 29th March 2014 – Aston Villa (EPL, H)

David Moyes, 29th March 2014 – Aston Villa (EPL, H)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – Aston Villa (Home) at Old Trafford

DATE & TIME – 29th March 2014, 12:45 GMT

RESULT – Man Utd 4 – 1 Aston Villa (Westwood 13′, Rooney 20′, Rooney 45′ (pen), Mata 57′, Hernandez 90′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, you must be delighted with that.

Moyes: I am, because we didn’t get off to a great start. We didn’t actually start the first 5-10 minutes, where everybody was a little nervy in that period. But, once  we sort of regrouped and got going, it was  good that we got the first goal back to make it one each. And we scored the second goal at a really good time just before half-time.

Q. I suppose it would have been easy at 1-0 for the pressure to build, for heads to drop a little bit. There was none of that, was there?

Moyes: I thought the opposite, I thought actually the players took the challenge on and actually rose to it after that. I thought we got better. Like I said, we didn’t start the first 15 minutes as well as we’d like, again. But, all in all, the result was what was required and they played well in the end.

Q. We seem to talk about Wayne Rooney’s performance every week, but he’s up to 17 goals now. Has he been the real talisman for United this season?

Moyes: I think he’s played terrifically well since the start of the season. I think he’s been someone who in a lot of ways has done many jobs for us, he’s had to. He’s shown his energy, he’s getting his goals, and we need his goals – and I said to him in the dressing room that you keep scoring two goals for us in games like that and it’ll go a long way for us to improve and win games. So, I was really pleased with the way he played. And maybe, if I was being critical, I’d say he could’ve got a third goal for us, he had a chance for his hat-trick.

Q. Rafael didn’t emerge in the second half, Michael Carrick came on. Was that an injury?

Moyes: Yeah, it was an injury. And, you know, we’re short of defenders at the moment because Antonio Valencia was injured as well, tendinitis in his knee, who we might’ve put to right back. So, we found ourselves having to juggle again today. So we’re certainly short of defenders just now, and I’ve just got to hope that Rafa’s injury isn’t too bad.

Q. Mata got his first goal for United. I think you could see from the reactions of the fans and his teammates what a popular player he already has become.

Moyes: I think he’s popular inside the ground as well because I think, people realize how good a footballer he is. I think he has played well and I think he’s really helped us. And, his goals were one of the reasons we wanted to sign him, because he’s always had a record of scoring goals. And I thought he came very close at West Ham the other week there. He had a chance here as well in the game in midweek. So, there were signs there that it was coming. And today for him to get his first goal was really good.

Q. Alright, couple of subs combined, Januzaj and Chicharito. Obviously keen to show you what they can do as well.

Moyes: Yeah, I love my football and I thought it was a great goal, you know. The sort of interplay out on the right wing between Adnan and Fellaini, and Adnan getting away and putting in a great cross for Chicharito – its the sort of goal if you’re a football supporter, you like to see – good play down the wing and a great cross then for the goal.

Q. You got great applause when you came out at the start. And then at the end, you made a beeline for the Stretford End. Was that your way of saying thanks to the fans?

Moyes: It was because I think, ever since I’ve been at Manchester United, I’ve only ever had support. I don’t know why people are trying to change that, from somewhere, but I actually believe that the Manchester United supporters are right behind me and the team – I think they all understand the situation we’re in. The team was incredibly focused today to get a result, that was the important thing. And I wanted to make sure the focus was right, it wasn’t necessarily on me, albeit everybody knew that was the case today.

Q. Finally, looking forward to Tuesday, two great clubs?

Moyes: Yeah, I’m really looking forward to the game. You know, its been a difficult season for us but we could go a long way to making things feel a lot better if we could get a good result Tuesday night.

25 Mar 14 – Manchester City (H) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 25th March 2014 – Man City (EPL, H)

David Moyes, 25th March 2014 – Man City (EPL, H)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – Manchester City (Home) at Old Trafford

DATE & TIME – 25th March 2014, 19:45 GMT (26th March 2014, 01:15 IST)

RESULT – Man Utd 0 – 3 Man City (Dzeko 1′, Dzeko 56′, Toure 90′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, how would you sum that up overall tonight?

Moyes: Really disappointed, the way the game went. We never gave ourselves a real start in the game at all, they started very fast, we didn’t. There was a goal after 30 or 40 seconds, and because of that, we were on the back foot right away. I thought we got to grips maybe after 15 minutes, but I think the start we got just put us on the wrong foot. But, we did better in the first half and maybe a little bit unfortunate not to get a goal right before half-time.

Q. I suppose its a real jolt to the system after 45 seconds, you’re game plan’s affected straight away almost.

Moyes: Well, it was because we found ourselves needing to stay in the game, find a way of not getting ourselves going further behind. So, we had to try and do that before we’re able to find our own feet and go forward ourselves. But, it really just never gave us a start in the game.

Q. Were you encouraged when you got to half-time, David? In the last 15-20 minutes of that first half, you’d looked as though you’d improved significantly.

Moyes: I thought we had, I thought we looked as if we could score. We were actually a little bit careless a couple of times going forward, as if we didn’t pick the right cross or the pass out. So, that was the disappointing thing for me. But, I did get encouragement and that’s what the message was at half-time – look, we’re right in this game, make sure we do things right in the second-half, and let’s get a goal back as the half wears on.

Q. So, you would have been disappointed in the manner of conceding that second goal, again, early in the second half.

Moyes: Yeah. I thought we brought it on ourselves, we never played well enough from the back to get the ball out, and then we conceded a  corner and the marking let us down. We conceded a goal from a corner kick when really, we should have been defending tighter and making sure we didn’t concede.

Q. You built a lot of momentum in the last week with those two wins, is it frustrating that the momentum went away tonight?

Moyes: Yeah, but we always knew that these games were hard, what we’ve got. I’ve been sort of hinting at it, and saying that these are tough games and we are trying to build momentum. I said March was a real difficult month, we’re playing a lot of good sides. we’ve got a lot of work to do to get the things the way we want them and while we’re playing a lot of the big sides, it could be difficult and tonight was another difficult night.

Q. Would you feel for the supporters who stayed with United again, specially those that work with City fans?

Moyes: Yeah, I’ve been saying it every week, but thanks, thanks everybody – it was great tonight, the support for the team throughout the game. But I really genuinely feel that most people understand that this is something which is going to take a lot of time to alter, it can’t be something that we’re gonna do from one Saturday to the other, it’s not going to change dramatically, even in the short time from now to the end of the season.

22 Mar 14 – West Ham United (A) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 22nd March 2014 – West Ham (EPL, A)

David Moyes, 22nd March 2014 – West Ham (EPL, A)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – West Ham United (Away) at The Boleyn Ground

DATE & TIME – 22nd March 2014, 17:30 GMT (23:00 IST)

RESULT – Man Utd 2 – 0 West Ham United (Rooney 8′, Rooney 33′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. Well David, I imagine you must be delighted with that, especially with a lot of key players missing today.

Moyes: Yeah, I thought it was a really really good performance, and well-deserved three points. I think the disappointing thing was we didn’t take more advantage of the chances over the way we played,  the speed we played today and the break, passed it so well throughout the team, so, I was really pleased with the performance and the result.

Q. Well, it wouldn’t be surprising that Wayne gets a lot of headlines because of that goal. What would you say about the imagination really of scoring from there?

Moyes: I mean, he’s a top player, and he’s got the ability to do those sort of things, you know. Everybody, I’m sure, had flashbacks to David Beckham’s goal. And, you know, when it left his foot, I thought… that’s gone in, you know. It was whether where the bounce would get it under the bar or not. And, it was a great goal, it really was. And, you know, he played really well today, Wayne. Him and Juan Mata, Shinji Kagawa were terrific in their football, so I was really pleased.

Q. And Wayne scored another one to go third in the all-time list of United goalscorers. Only Sir Bobby and Denis Law to go. Is it a matter of time?

Moyes: Well, I hope it’s a matter of time, and I think it will be. But, you know, the two names you have mentioned – if you get above those two, that is saying something, it really is. But, his performance was great today. And, we were hoping he might have got a hat-trick, like Robin did in midweek, but it wasn’t quite and we wanted to save him, so we got him off before the end.

Q. Juan Mata seemed to really relish that central role, just behind Wayne.

Moyes: Well, we know what he is capable of – he can play in two or three different roles. That may well be his best position, but we’ve got to make sure that he can play in two or three different positions for us, that was the reason to bring him. But, I thought he played well today, I thought he set us up, he did a lot of good things for us football-wise for us, and, you know, I was thrilled by his performance.

Q. Andy Carroll is a handful for centrebacks, but Michael Carrick, who isn’t a centre-back, looked very comfortable today.

Moyes: Yeah, Michael’s thrilled, he made the centre-half job look easy. I think he had a manful help from Marouane Fellaini a lot of the time as well, which we said before the game. We thought that we might need to tag-team him a little-bit here because of what we had at the back. I thought between the two of them, you know, they dealt with the crosses, they dealt well with the balls up the pitch. And, we had moments where they were always going to put pressure on us, but overall, I thought we dealt with it manfully.

Q. Well, 9 away wins now and another clean sheet away from home. It seems to be working very well at the moment away from home.

Moyes: Yeah (smiling), and you know, we’ve probably been saying that for a while but we need to turn it into that Old Trafford form which we need, but we got a really good result against Olympiakos. You know, I can tell the players are in a confident mood, I thought they played really smashing football today, they really did. And hope that’s the continuation of it and we’ll  try and win the next game.

Q. Well, that’s given you a nice problem only for the next game with a lot of people playing very well.

Moyes: Well, that’s what we want. We’ve maybe had, you know, not enough of that but today I thought we played really well.

Q. Well done, thank you.

Moyes: Thank you.

19 Mar 14 – Olympiakos (H) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 19th March 2014 – Olympiakos (UCL, H)

David Moyes, 19th March 2014 – Olympiakos (UCL, H)

TOURNAMENT – Champions League

MATCH – Olympiakos (Home) at Old Trafford

DATE & TIME – 19th March 2014, 19:45 GMT (01:15 IST, 20th March 2014)

RESULT – Man Utd 3 – 0 Olympiakos (van Persie (pen) 25′, van Persie 46′, van Persie 52′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, first of all, congratulations. What a night that was, wasn’t it?

Moyes: What a night, and you know, we – the supporters deserved the night. And, to be honest, we needed a night – the management staff, the players – we needed it as well. But we had to perform, and thankfully we did that tonight.

Q. Clearly, it was an all-round team performance, but are there players that you would particularly pick out from that tonight?

Moyes: Of course there were. But, you know, it would be wrong for me just to mention Robin’s three goals or Ryan Giggs’ play and his assists, Wayne’s play. But I just thought Danny Welbeck was terrific, there was all-round performances. And David de Gea, we needed him to make saves which were really important in the game. We were always going to have to take some risks to try and score and attack, which was always meaning that we could be a bit vulnerable at the back. But we did that, and we hope- thankfully, I should say, we got through; we did it.

Q. You had a 40-year old defying all logic again there in the centre of midfield.

Moyes: I just say that he is a freak of nature, I think that he can do it. And it wasn’t as if I thought he was tiring after 60 minutes today, and he’s not played for a month or two. He’s just a really really good football player as everybody at this football club’s aware of and, his performance tonight was up there with as well as he’s played in my time that I’ve been here.

Q. Great to see Robin getting a hat-trick, but worrying to see him getting stretchered off at the end. What’s the situation with him?

Moyes: It looks as if he’s just got a knock in the back of his knee. We don’t think its too bad so, hopefully, that’s good news and he’s fine. But, great credit to score a hat-trick in the Champions League. I think special players do that, and he certainly is a special player.

Q. And the partnership that has been criticized sometimes – that of Wayne and Robin – it was there for all to see tonight.

Moyes: Yeah, it was. And we tried to link it a little bit with Danny Welbeck and Robin at times. We wanted to do where Wayne dropped a bit deeper and joined Robin as well. So, we found a way of getting the result and it was a big thing. But, we should have never put ourselves in the situation of being 2-0 down after the first leg but when we did, we needed a big night and a big effort and, as I said, after Sunday’s performance, it is a big thank you to the supporters for the part they played in getting us that result tonight.

Q. Well has that answered a few questions from the weekend? A lot of people were looking at this tonight, and there was their answer, I suppose.

Moyes: Yeah, I mean, what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to do it more often. We know we’re not playing as well as we should be, we know we’ve got to get better and I believe, given a little bit of time and given the chance to adjust to things, we can do that. I thought the big thing tonight was the players’ attitude, you know, mentally they were really focused. I’m sure from the first minute everyone saw their attitude – I think Danny Welbeck made a tackle in the first five or ten seconds and it sort of set the tone for the game a little bit.

Q. Fine, any thoughts on the draw, or are you just, at the moment, are we just happy that we’re in there at the moment?

Moyes: (laughing) No, I’ve got a couple of teams who I think I might prefer than a couple of others, but, I think this football club is capable, I really do. I think this football club has got history in the competition – it knows what to do when its there. Its not a shock that we’re in the last eight, its something which we do regularly. So, hopefully we’re going to try and get into the last 4, that’s the big thing now.

Q. Congratulations, David.

Moyes: Thank you, thanks.

16 Mar 14 – Liverpool (H) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 16th March 2014 – Liverpool (EPL, H)

David Moyes, 16th March 2014 – Liverpool (EPL, H)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – Liverpool (Home) at Old Trafford

DATE & TIME – 16th March 2014, 13:30 GMT (19:00 IST)

RESULT – Man Utd 0 – 3 Liverpool (Gerrard (pen) 34′, Gerrard (pen) 46′, Suarez 84′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, what are your emotions at the end of that?

Moyes: Well, disappointment for everybody – all the Manchester United supporters – that we didn’t get a result today. But, a dissapointment I think, you know, for the goals – the way they were conceded, the penalty kicks, somewhere, somewhere and… So, just all round, just a disappointing day for us.

Q. I suppose the key thing is conceding so early in the second half. Was that the big moment in many ways?

Moyes: Well, we went out, I didn’t think we hadn’t played well enough in the first half but we weren’t necessarily a goal worse off at half time. And we thought, if we could come out, we start bright, get ourselves back in the game – that was the plan to do so. But before we’d even taken our seats, we’d given a goal away from another penalty kick. And, you know, for me, that was the one which was the worst one of them all. The other ones were sort of accidental, or no challenges which were or weren’t. But, that one went in and obviously, you put yourself in real trouble.

Q. I suppose even at 2 down, if you get a goal back, you’re back in the game, but I suppose that killed it off late on with another penalty kick, and you lost your captain.

Moyes: Yeah. I mean, it was… just things didn’t go for us at all. I thought, when we went 2-0 down, we had a spell where we played quite well. We tried to get ourselves back in the game, and the one or two half chances we made weren’t enough. But, the last thing we needed was to lose another, another player. They missed a penalty from that, but by that time we were down to 10 men, and it made it an uphill task.

Q. Were you concerned that you didn’t create that many clear-cut chances in the game today?

Moyes: Yeah, I was. I was disappointed. You know, in a way, I didn’t think we ever really got that in the first half. I just thought we’d grown into the game for 10-15 minutes before half-time, which started to look a little bit more… We’d swapped Adnan’s side and he’d done better on the right, so we’d swapped it to give them some problems, but prior to that, we hadn’t really offered enough.

Q. Despite the result, the fans stayed right with you throughout.

Moyes: They were fantastic, the fans. They deserve great credit for the way they’ve supported the team today. You know, if they give us that support on Wednesday night, it’ll give us a chance of getting through in the Champions League. We’ll try and do that. I’m disappointed that I’ve not been able to give them a result today but, we’ll pick ourselves up and we’ll try and go again for the next one.

Q. Do you have to lift the players for that, or will they lift themselves for a game of that magnitude on Wednesday here?

Moyes: The players are well aware about what it means and what we have to do. We’ve got something we’ve got to try and go for. And, hopefully we can try and do that.

8 Mar 14 – West Bromwich Albion (A) Post-Match Reaction

David Moyes, 8th March 2014 - West Bromwich Albion (EPL, A)

David Moyes, 8th March 2014 – West Bromwich Albion (EPL, A)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – West Bromwich Albion (Away) at The Hawthorns

DATE & TIME – 8th March 2014, 12:45 GMT (18:15 IST)

RESULT – Man Utd 3 – 0 West Bromwich Albion (Jones 34′, Rooney 65′, Welbeck 82′)

Post-Match Press Conference Transcript of David Moyes

Q. David, you’re obviously delighted with that.

Moyes: Really pleased, I thought we played well today. I thought we looked much more potent going forward, I thought we looked more liable to score today than we had in other games. And you know, I made a point about us trying to get more attacks and better play going forward, and that’s what we did.

Q. Always good to see centre-backs getting among the goals as well, fine header by Phil Jones.

Moyes: It was a really good header; actually it was Rafa who’d done good work down the right and got the free kick for the goal, and Robin’s delivery was excellent and thankfully, Phil got across in front of his defender and scored.

Q. You said in your press conference yesterday that you might give your younger centre-backs more of a chance between now and the end of the season, how did you think Phil Jones and Chris Smalling got on today?

Moyes: I thought they played really well, both of them. I thought Chris Smalling was excellent. By all accounts, I think he was excellent for England, I didn’t see the game in midweek; he played really well. And Phil Jones is a very good player. But he’s been out for a month, Phil. So we needed to try and get him some minutes, we’ve got some big games coming up in the next month and I wanted to make sure that he was ready to play. I thought the two of them did a great job today.

Q. In the second half, the West Brom fans certainly thought Robin might have been sent off for the challenge. Ultimately, is that why you took him off, because he was on a yellow card?

Moyes: He was, and the foul was a.. the tackle, I should say, for his second one was a foul, I thought, but it wasn’t a yellow card. But I was always taking him off anyway, he played 90 minutes in midweek for Holland. I’d actually told him in the hotel that we would try and get him off at the right times in the game. It made my decision easy actually, because I couldn’t afford another challenge that which maybe gave the referee a decision to make.

Q. Wayne’s second goal was after some lovely build-up play. Are we seeing with that interplay with Mata and Rooney and Januzaj, are we seeing the more they play together, the more they get the understanding?

Moyes: I think so, I think they’re playing well together. And I think, I’ve got to mention Rafa as well, I thought Rafa picked out a great cross today for Wayne’s goal. He was involved in the build-up for the first one as well, he probably should have scored one, maybe two around the back in the first half. So, I do think that there were some really good performances, and much better performances than what I’ve seen for a while.

Q. And lovely finishing from Danny as well, sometimes his finishing has been criticized but that was a lovely centre-forward’s finish.

Moyes: Well, Wayne played him in with a great pass one before, just it was a bit narrow, the angle. And the pitch was really lively today, especially in the second half, it was dried out and it made it difficult to pass it quite as well. But when he got played in down the side, he opened up and he finished terrifically well. And, I’m pleased because Danny’s just beginning to look a bit sharper and get back ready, and we’re gonna need him.

Q. You praised Rafa, but suddenly he went off. Has he got an ankle injury?

Moyes: I think it was a kick in his ankle, I just got told that he’d taken a kick in a tackle, and I just felt that with ten minutes to go, he was limping; I didn’t want to risk it anymore.