Ryan Giggs

9 May 14 – Southampton (A) Pre-Match Press Conference

Ryan Giggs, 9th May 2014 – Southampton (EPL, A)

Ryan Giggs, 9th May 2014 – Southampton (EPL, A)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – Southampton (Away) at St. Mary’s Stadium

DATE & TIME – 11th May 2014, 15:00 GMT (19:30 IST)

Pre-Match Press Conference of Ryan Giggs

Q. Can you, first of all, bring us up to date with the injury situation with regards, particularly, to Phil Jones’ situation?

Giggs: Yeah. Phil’s injury isn’t as bad as I thought on the night. So he’s obviously out for Sunday, but he should be okay for the World Cup. Wayne’s just started training over the last couple of days – Sunday is probably a little too quick for him. But obviously, he’ll train and be fine for the World Cup also.

Q. Well obviously, we know you’ve been reluctant to, really, make any comment on the possible appointment of the new manager. But given the fact that Louis van Gaal has now come out and said that he would love the job, and we’re all hearing that there’s going to be an appointment next week, what are your thoughts on the process of appointing the manager so far?

Giggs: You know, my stance isn’t any different than it was last week. Obviously, there’s been huge speculation but nothing’s been announced yet. And my job is to prepare the team for Southampton, so that’s what I’ll do. I’m sure there will be an announcement soon, and maybe I can comment on it then. But at the moment it’s just speculation so there’s not a lot I can say.

Q. Are you looking forward to that appointment as much as everybody else is, whatever appointment that may be?

Giggs: Yeah, I think everyone is. Obviously, it’s been a difficult season for us. So when the management situation gets sorted out, we can move on and like I said, that’ll probably be in the next couple of weeks.

Q. Ryan, in terms of the three-four weeks you’ve been in charge, has that fuelled your desire to be a manager? You’ve never made a secret of the fact that it was the move you wanted to go down when your playing career finished. But, you’ve also alluded to the fact that there’s more to the job than you envisaged. Do you still want to be a manager?

Giggs: Yeah, it just depends on what time of the day you’re asking that question (smiles) – sometimes you probably think – “Yeah, I can do that” and another times it gives you so much pleasure. After the game last Saturday, you could without it. But you probably learn more from defeats and not doing so well, just like when you’re a player. But I’ve enjoyed it – I’ve enjoyed the whole experience and it’s definitely helped me prepare for what will come after my playing career.

Q. Where does the motivation come from? Because clearly you’re in a position where you don’t financially, I assume, have to work. And you see managers getting sacked 6, 9, even lesser months time. What is the motivation to do the job?

Giggs: It’s not a lot different from a player actually. The satisfaction you get from winning, and the pleasure you get from setting up a team, and they go out and do their stuff. And equally so, when you lose a game, you’re gutted, you’re angry, you’re disappointed – but just like a player, you can’t wait for the next game to come so you can do something about it. It sort of goes around in waves really – one minute you enjoy it, one minute you don’t. But ultimately, it gives you a lot of satisfaction when everything goes all right.


2 May 14 – Sunderland (H) Pre-Match Press Conference

Ryan Giggs, 2nd May 2014 – Sunderland (EPL, H)

Ryan Giggs, 2nd May 2014 – Sunderland (EPL, H)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – Sunderland (Home) at Old Trafford

DATE & TIME – 3rd May 2014, 15:00 GMT (19:30 IST)

Pre-Match Press Conference of Ryan Giggs

Q. How much easier has this week been bearing in mind you’ve not been quite so much in the spotlight as you were this time last week?

Giggs: Yeah, it’s been good. I had a good week; training’s been good and of course, lot less hectic than last week.

Q. You’ve had a lot of support; you’ve had a lot of support from fans, you’ve had a lot of support from people inside the game. What have you been told about your future maybe as manager of Manchester United?

Giggs: Nothing’s changed. It’s just till the end of the season and we’ll chat when that’s over. But yeah, nothing’s changed for me – concentration is on Sunderland tomorrow and then after that, on the remaining two games.

Q. But whatever happens, whether Louis van Gaal is here or not, do you see your long-term future at Manchester United as part of something new?

Giggs: Again, I mean, I’ve got lots to think about – whether to carry on playing. But, my concentration is just on now really; and at the end of the season, we’ll see what happens.

Q. In terms of that, do you think you will have your suit on again on Saturday, or your tracksuit?

Giggs: Well, it’s football, pretty superstitious, so yeah, suit again, I think. Unless I’m playing.

Q. I suppose you could have your kit underneath your suit.

Giggs: Yeah, could do. But it wouldn’t be a good look, yeah (agrees with questioner).

Q. Is that you done then for this season, if you are superstitious, or could you be tempted to get that kit on again?

Giggs: No, I’m still doing training and doing bits and pieces, so I’m still in the frame and maybe playing the remaining games – or being involved in the remaining games.

Q. Ryan, could you just clarify Wayne Rooney’s situation – some people think he has a stomach bug, some people think he’s got a groin injury, most don’t think he’s going to play tomorrow – so, what’s the situation there?

Giggs: Yeah, no, a few of our lads have had a bug – Anders Lindegaard has had a bug, Wayne has. But Wayne’s also got a tight groin, so obviously, with the bug, you’ve just got to be careful with that because it means your system’s down a little bit. But, Wayne being Wayne wants to play and wants to be involved so, we’ll just monitor it over the next 24 hours.

Q. Any other injury news, Ryan that you could tell us?

Giggs: No, Robin’s been back training this week – he’s looked good. Whether tomorrow’s too early, we’ll just see how he goes today. But, yeah, he’s looked really good this week.

Q. In terms of you and playing potentially before the end of the season, who’s gonna make that decision? I mean, who’s gonna actually tell you whether you can play or are you going to make that decision yourself? Or is it a case of have you looked alright in training, and Nicky or Phil might say, “Yeah, we’ll give you a run out”?

Giggs: I don’t think they’re going to say I didn’t look good in training. But no, it’s just a case of keeping myself fit and the circumstances hopefully. Win every game, and I might not get back in – the lads would be doing well! We’ll just have to wait and see.

26 Apr 14 – Norwich (H) Pre-Match Pre-Match Interview

Ryan Giggs, 26th April 2014 – Norwich City (EPL, H)

Ryan Giggs, 26th April 2014 – Norwich City (EPL, H)

TOURNAMENT – Barclays Premier League

MATCH – Norwich (Home) at Old Trafford

DATE & TIME – 26th April 2014, 17:30 GMT (22:00 IST)

Pre-Match MUTV Interview of Ryan Giggs

Q. Well Ryan, first of all, I suppose it must have been a whirlwind week for you.

Giggs: Yeah, that’s exactly how it’s been. From Tuesday morning, they’d asked me to look after the team for the remaining four games which I had no hesitation in saying yes to. And from then on, really, just, yeah, crazy week.

Q. What does it mean to you to be the manager, albeit on an interim basis, but the manager of Manchester United?

Giggs: I’ve got to say, its the proudest moment of my life. I’ve supported Manchester United all my life. It’s been the biggest part of my life since I was 13… 14, since I signed the schoolboy forms. And ever since then, it’s been the biggest part of my life. So, I’m proud, I’m happy, a little bit nervous – really, just like playing, can’t wait for the game Saturday.

Q. Is it going to be a proud moment for you? You’ve worn the shirt so many times, you’ve sat on the bench as a coach, but to actually walk up that line as a first-team manager for a Premier League game at Old Trafford – is that going to be a proud moment for you?

Giggs: To be honest with you, I can’t wait for 5:30 Saturday to be walking out. I know the place will be rocking, I know the fans will get behind us. It’ll be a moment that I’ll wake up and look forward to. The team have looked great all week, they’ve looked sharp. And, like I said, I can’t wait for 5:30 and the game starting. Just like as if I was a player – you prepare yourself the best that you can, waiting for that moment.

Q. Was one of your first calls to Paul Scholes? And to see Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt and Phil Neville – everyone knows the story, and to see all of you there involved is a special thing.

Giggs: Yeah, of course Phil was already involved; so was Woodsy, and they’ve stayed on. Nicky was involved with the reserves, so I asked him to come over and help us with the first team which he was more than happy to do. And yeah, the phone call was to Scholesy because I know how much the club means to these people. They feel about the club the same way as I do. And I know n the short space of time, they’ll give it everything to make it a success and hopefully, end what has been a frustrating season on a high.

Q. Have you just been told it’s four games? What happens at the end of the season? I suppose you don’t really know, it’s just to see out the season.

Giggs: No, my mindset is just on first Norwich and then the remaining three games after that really. And after that, who knows what happens?

Q. And how have the players responded to you? Are they calling you gaffer?

Giggs: (laughs) I’ve had to take a bit of stick, yeah – ‘Where’re you gonna park?’, ‘What do we call you?’. I’ve had a gaffer sign on my place in the changing room. But, no, they’ve been great. The reaction in training’s been good, it’s been sharp. And that’s what I’ve tried to do – just try and make it relaxed, enjoy yourself. Like I said, let’s try to have a good end to what has been a frustrating and disappointing season.

Q. What has been your main message to the lads, though, for the final few games?

Giggs: That I trust you, that I know what you’re capable of. Go out there and show it on Saturday. And give the fans something to shout about – entertain them, score goals, make tackles, play with speed, play with tempo. And that’s what they’ve done in training so, they’ll take that out into the game on Saturday.

Q. On that point, quite often, callers to MUTV say we’d like to see United playing what they call the United way – exciting, swashbuckling, wingers – is that your philosophy?

Giggs: It’s my philosophy and it’s what I’ve grown up with – it’s Man United’s philosophy. So, yeah, I’ll take that into the game on Saturday. We’ve got the players to do it. We’ve got great players in that dressing room who are winners, who are used to winning . They’ve got that winning mentality. Yeah, they’ll show that Saturday and like, I’ve tried to do, enjoy it! I’ll try to enjoy it as much as I can. I don’t know if I’ll will as much as if I’m playing because I’ll be a little bit nervous. But, no, go out and enjoy it.

Q. Do the players, though, share some responsibility for a season that, by our standards, hasn’t gone well; hasn’t gone to plan?

Giggs: I think everyone shares responsibility – you win together and you lose together, it’s as simple as that. And everyone involved this season haven’t been to the standards of Manchester United. And, yeah, in this short space of time, we’ll do something about that.

Q. Have you spoken to Sir Alex at all? Has he given you any advice in this short space of time?

Giggs: Yeah, obviously. I played under Sir Alex for so long. He was the first person to call because, I wanted advice and I wanted to know what to expect, and who better to ring? Why wouldn’t I?

Q. What’s almost got lost in all of this is that there is a game against Norwich City. The game itself, they come here in serious trouble, does that make them dangerous?

Giggs: Yeah, it does because they’re fighting for something. Around this time of the season, there’s always someone fighting for something – whether it’s to be getting into Europe, whether it’s to be getting into the Champions League, whether it’s to be staying up. And, its dangerous because they’re fighting for their lives. We won’t underestimate Norwich definitely because of the situation that they’re in. They’re a good team and they ended the game last week against Liverpool really well. But we’re Man United. We’re at home. I expect to win, and I expect to play well.

Q. You mention being at home. You’ve been excellent away from home, but at home, it’s been a problem this year for whatever reason. How important is it in this final three home games that the fans at least leave on a bit of a high?

Giggs: Yeah, I want the fans to enjoy the end of the season. And like you say, three home games, it’s a great chance for the players. It’s obviously a great place to play football. And that’s what I want to bring to these three games – for the home fans to have something to shout about.